Why Do Old Carpet Stains Keep Coming Back?

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Your kid spilled their juice all over the living room carpet. Or Fido had an accident because you were a little slow taking him for a walk. But it was OK, you remembered all of the advice you read in the Internet, you acted pretty quickly and mopped that mess right up. At the time your carpet looked nice and clean. But now weeks later that stained spot has reappeared and it looks worse than ever before but here's the "Tips for Dealing with Carpet Stains". What on Earth is going on?

There are two big reasons that old spots and stains may reappear on your carpet. Allow us to explain:

The Spill Made it to the Backing 

Even if only a few minutes elapsed between an accidental spill or pet accident occurred and you swung into action to clean it up that is still time for some of the liquid to seep down into your carpet and make its way to backing. As many people know, carpets do tend to be great at absorbing things, something that can be helpful when it comes to pollutants in the air that can be vacuumed up later but not so much when a liquid spill occurs.

If the spilled liquid did make it to the carpet backing as it dries it will often migrate back towards the surface of the carpet, seeming to reappear 'like magic' weeks later.

Residue Returns 

The other big reason that pesky - and rather ugly - carpet spots and stains may reappear after you thought you had dealt with them often has to do with the way you went about cleaning them up in the first place. Even if you followed the standard - and very sage - advice to treat the spill with simple soapy water if you did not rinse the area properly then some sticky residue may remain. Over time it will attract dust and dirt (even if you vacuum regularly) and it will then look like the stain has returned.

Out Damn Spot

So just how do you get rid of these annoying spots and stains for good? Many people turn to a stain remover product from the grocery store, but at this point these are rarely effective and can make matters even worse. The only real solution is to call in the professionals; a carpet cleaning company in Rhode Island that can deep clean the carpet without the use of harsh chemicals and help return it to its former glory.


  1. I've thought about getting my carpets cleaned. My sons are the kings at spilling onto the carpet. I don't know how many times I've told them not to take their drinks onto the carpet. It's really frustrating but I guess that's just how it works with kids. http://www.gallentcarpetcleaning.com

  2. Normally when there's a spill I try to get out the sent and color. I'm glad you mentioned that stains might reappear if the area cleaned remains a little sticky. I'm going to scrub a little harder next time so this problem will hopefully stop reoccurring.


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