Using Oriental Rugs in Less Usual Decor Settings

photo credit: thinkstockphotos (Using Oriental Rugs in Less Usual Decor Settings)

When most people think about Oriental rugs they often immediately think of them as installed in huge living rooms filled with old fashioned, heavy furniture. And while that can indeed be the case and the aesthetic effect would be stunning, the simple fact is that an Oriental rug can not only fit seamlessly into any decor style it can even be used as the focal point.

Oriental Rugs and Modern Decor 

Although it is very stylish and neat, in some cases a room filled with sleek contemporary furniture, especially a larger one, can look and feel rather cold. The addition of a brighter, richly colored Oriental rug can change that in an instant though.

In this case it is often best to let the rug become the real center of attention. Neutral colored walls, which are generally a staple of contemporary decor anyway, allow the colors in the rug to shine and the addition of a few ornaments and accessories that match one of the colors in the rug - a vase of a pair of drapes perhaps - can heighten the effect even further.

Oriental Rugs and Country Decor 

Country style decor - also often referred to as rustic decor - is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners, especially in the kitchen. As wooden or wood look items, including floors and walls, are usually a big part of such decor, an Oriental rug that primarily features red tones can be used to especially great effect in such a space, adding to the sense of warmth and 'coziness'.

You may be wondering if an Oriental rug really can be used in the kitchen, as that is not necessarily a place you would expect to find one. In terms of durability why not? Provided they are vacuumed on a regular basis and are treated to a professional Oriental rug cleaning once every couple of years they are just as durable - if not even more so - than any other type of rug. And the visual effect is likely to be stunning.

Oriental Rugs and Shabby Chic Decor 

Another very popular decor style, for almost any room in the home, is the Shabby Chic look. This look depends on the use of gentle pastel colors though, not something many people associate with Oriental rugs. In fact though there are many types of Oriental rugs available that do make great use of softer blues, yellows and even pinks which would suit the overall look of a shabby chic themed room perfectly. An older rug would be an even better choice.

These are just a few examples of just how versatile an Oriental rug can be in terms of decor, there are many more. Why not experiment with some of them in your home?


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