Overdyed Oriental Rugs are Trendy This Fall - But What are They?

photo credit: thinkstockphotos (Overdyed Oriental Rugs are Trendy This Fall - But What are They?)

If you flip through some of the more recent issues of hose glossy home decor magazines - or check their websites - you will find that one of the often mentioned 'hot trends' for Fall and Winter 2014 is something called an overdyed Oriental rug. Great! Oriental rugs are back in vogue with the trendy design set (not that they ever really go out of style) but what you might be wondering is what is an overdyed Oriental rug anyway?

Overdyed Rugs 101 

Overdying is a way to repurpose and/or recycle Oriental rugs that might have seen better days. Oriental rugs are tough and durable and can last for decades, but only if you take care of them properly. If that is not the case, if they are allowed to be exposed to too much direct sunlight, or if they are rarely (if ever) treated to a visit to a company offering Oriental rug cleaning in RI, then they may very well become rather sad, dull and not quite fit to display.

Overdying a rug like this can give it a new lease on life as well as a new look, you essentially you would be getting a 'new rug' for a fraction of the cost of an Oriental rug that really is new.

How Is An Oriental Rug Overdyed?

Overdying should only be performed on an Oriental rug that you are sure is 100% wool and it is NOT a DIY job. Overdying does not just involve new dyed but also the use of a delicate balance of chemicals, which, if applied incorrectly will ruin the rug beyond all repair.

When the overdying process begins a rug is bleached to remove much of the existing   pigment. Soda ash is often used to do this so damage is not done to the rug's fibers.

With that part of the process completed, a special acid wash dye is utilizes in order to change the colors in the rug. This can be applied so that the whole rug is dyed or, as is often the case with lighter colored rug, only the 'background' is treated. Once the dying is complete the rug is washed to help set the color in the same way it would have been when it was first created.

Because these are rugs that are very fashionable right now some Oriental rug dealers are actively seeking out older rugs to overdye and resell. But if you do decide to pursue this type of rug you should know that after the dying process is complete you will need to resolve to treat the rug with more care this time so that this 'new ' rug does not become damaged again and here's the Care Tips for Silk Oriental Rugs.


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