Kitchen Trends For This Year (for tile cleaning piece)

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The kitchen really is the heart of the home in many households and probably the single most used space (after the bathrooms) Therefore, the fact that homeowners are willing to invest time and money into making their kitchens a great place to cook, eat and even just hang out should come as no real surprise.

Kitchen design trends are ever changing though. Especially as more and more technology is finding its way into the kitchen to make life easier and more efficient for the average cook. With that in mind here is a little about some of the hottest kitchen trends for 2015 and beyond:

Adding a Dining Nook

Most families are just too busy these days to sit down to a meal served in a formal dining room anymore, so therefore adding dining space to the kitchen is a popular choice. Simply stuffing in a table and chairs is not always very efficient or attractive though. Adding a kitchen dining nook can be a much better solution and it is easier to achieve than you might think. A dining nook like the one pictured here can be purchased ready to assemble at a local home store meaning that before dinner time comes around you could have a whole new place to serve up meals!

Floor Tile in Disguise

Stone and wood are often very, very popular choices for use all over the kitchen but often they are materials that are both impractical for use for a kitchen floor and rather too expensive for many peoples’ tastes. Ceramic tile is a far more durable and affordable choice but to many people not so attractive. Enter then a new generation of ceramic floor tiles that are created to look just like something they really are not.

These new ceramic tiles can mimic wood flooring of all different colors and types, granite or natural stone flooring and there are even ceramic floor tiles that look just like marble. As long as they are properly cleaned and maintained, and the grout is properly sealed by cleaner expert like the Tile Cleaning Service in Rhode Island  to prevent nasty and unattractive grime buildup, these tiles can look as good as the real thing and can last just as long.

Backlit Backsplashes

Two things that any great kitchen really needs is great lighting - both task and ambient lighting - and good backsplashes that protect the walls while still being attractive and easy to clean. Increasingly homeowners are combining these two functions together in the form of back lit backsplashes.

These units can be extremely eye catching and provide a focal point for the kitchen unlike any other (as well as a talking point when neighbors visit.) They come in all kinds of colors and some can even be programmed to turn on and off when you program them to.

The iKitchen 

We have all seen the iPhone commercials that proclaim “there’s an app for that!” and increasingly that is true for all kinds of aspects of kitchen function as well. You can get iPhone (and now iPad) apps that can help you do all kinds of things around the home including turn lights on and off when you are not home, open and close kitchen cabinets automatically and turn on a stove to begin cooking dinner while you are still at work. Sadly you can't get one yet that will cook and clean for you, but hey, you never know what might be coming next.


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