Key Maintenance for Your Ceramic Tile Shower Enclosure and Bathroom Floor

Ceramic tile showers are truly beautiful to behold and certainly add a huge decor boost to any bathroom they are installed in. They are usually a somewhat safer option as well, as the ceramic tiled shower floor is far less slippery than a porcelain bathtub. In actual fact there really only is a single common complaint that homeowners with such a shower installed in their home have to make; that keeping the grout in their ceramic tile shower clean, especially in the floor area.

That does not have to be the case though. Maintaining a sparkling clean ceramic tile shower - and gleaming grout to go along with it - is perfectly possible. It calls for a little effort, but not too much, and the beautiful shower you will be left with will be well worth it.

Getting Great Grout 

To maintain great, clean grout you have to start off with it. Grout is tricky stuff, its porous; in many cases it is light colored and in the case of the floor of a ceramic tile shower - and the ceramic tile floor that usually surrounds it - sees plenty of (dirty) foot traffic. Having the grout professionally cleaned, and then expertly sealed, can go a long way towards helping maintain its look in the long run. In addition, neither grout nor the tiles it holds together can ever be said to be completely waterproof and if the grout is not properly sealed it will hang on to a small amount of moisture every time the shower is used, something that is likely to eventually lead to a nasty case of mold.

When choosing a tile care company in Rhode Island to come in and clean and seal your grout experience is the key. As durable as it is, ceramic tile cracks and chips more easily than you might imagine and so should be handled with care.

Maintaining a Great Looking Ceramic Tile Shower (and Bathroom Floor) 

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The real trick to a maintaining a clean shower is not a certain cleaning product, or special solution. Instead the very best thing you can do is make sure that the decor tile floor and walls of the shower, as well as the ceramic floor surrounding it, is completely dried off every time after every use. In order to do this easily you can make use of a simple window cleaning squeegee to pull moisture off the walls onto the floor and then use a 'shower towel' to wipe it dry.

There are a couple of things that will happen if a homeowner will often find happens if they do not take the time to have their grout properly sealed and then follow the drying procedure every day. The first is that the grout will become very grimy and even a few hours with a toothbrush probably won't get it clean. The second is that the chances that mold and mildew will develop are increased. And finally, the minerals in your water, especially if you live in a hard water area, may pit the glaze on the surface of the ceramic tiles, weakening them and detracting from their beauty. And that is the last thing that anyone wants isn't it?


  1. Awesome tips on how to properly clean ceramic tiles in a shower. I have always struggled to keep those tiles clean over the years. I'll make sure to completely dry my shower next time I used it just as you say. Hopefully doing that will help with the cleaning of my shower. Thank you for the great advice, and post.

  2. Grout is the hardest thing to clean in my opinion. You can sit there for hours trying to figure out if you cleaned it good enough or if you have to keep scrubbing. What I learned was that scrubbing with a tooth brush usually gets the job done the best, but it is hard because you have to get down and scrub. If you take care of your tile every day, you never have to worry about deep cleaning the grout.

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  4. I've got white grout in my shower and I don't like it. Are there darker options for grout? It would be nice to find a dark brown or black grout.

  5. You're right about grout being tricky with tile cleaning. The stuff is so porous it can be easily susceptible to stains. You make the great point about getting the grout sealed to help reduce staining and keep the dirt build up at bay. Thanks for you tips.

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  7. I didn't know we should dry off our shower. My wife and I just moved in to a new place with a tile-floored shower. We've been unsure of how best to clean it. Once we get the dirt removed, I'm going to start using a shower towel. Thanks for the tips.

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