Tips for Dealing with Carpet Stains When They Happen

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If you have carpeting of any kind in your home then you probably know that to keep them looking as good as possible for as long as possible - and often in order to keep the warranty on them intact - then calling a company offering carpet cleaning in RI every twelve months or so really is the best idea. There are however a lot of days in those twelve months, and, on any given one of them, your carpet can become stained in an instant.

Although you may still eventually have to call in a carpet cleaning company ahead of schedule anyway to remove stains completely, if you take prompt action as soon as spills occur you can make the whole process a little easier.

There is a right and wrong way to treat fresh spills on a carpet whatever they are. Here are some basic tips:

Although it almost seems like a natural reaction, never rub a new stain on any carpet , you will only make the problem worse and if the stain is something very pervasive like red wine, rubbing the stain around will even make it harder for a professional carpet cleaner when he arrives.

Immediately after a staining accident occurs, blot at the stain and only ever use a clean white cloth to do so. A colored cloth may transfer color onto the carpet to further complicate the situation.

Use a very simple homemade solution at first to try to daub away a stain. Warm water and a mild dish detergent may be all you need to get rid of much of the stain. For protein based stains (certain food, blood etc.) you may want to try a little laundry detergent in water instead, as modern detergents do contain enzymes that are specifically included to tackle protein stains.

Using commercial carpet spot cleaners should be approached with extreme care. Some of them will bleach a carpet's color away, so before you even consider using one test it on an inconspicuous area of the carpet that has been affected first.

You should also be very careful with some of the 'home remedies' for carpet stains you might come across on the Internet. For example, too many people have discovered too late that pouring nail polish remover on a stain can not only strip it of its color but permanently damage its fibers as well

Don't despair! Calling affordable carpet cleaning company will not cost as much as you think and they have the extra tools, know-how and tricks to help make sure that a stain won't ruin your carpet for good.

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  1. I didn't realize that using a colored cloth to try to clean up stains can actually transfer the color of the cloth to the carpet! That is definitely a good thing to know! Plus, I am one of those people who immediately starts rubbing at the stain the minute it's there. If I rub at the stain with a colored cloth, I'm doing myself twice the disservice! I will have to remember these tips for the next time something spills on my carpet.


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