Is Your Carpet Really Clean?

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This blog will show you on how to get or keep your carpets clean.  If you have carpet in your home you know that daily vacuuming is not always going to be enough and there will come a time when you have to break down and have it cleaned in some way, whether you do it yourself or you call in a company specializing in carpet cleaning in Rhode Island to do the job for you. The hard part can be deciding when that should happen, and being quite honest, that may depend on just what a clean carpet is in your eyes.

The Dirt You Can't See 

If you have a darker carpet in your home, and you do vacuum on a regular basis then months and months may go by and on the face of it your carpet may not even look dirty at all. But is it really clean just because you can’t see the dirt very well? Chances are that that is not the case. Regular vacuuming helps a lot but even the best vacuum in the world can't get it all.

Carpets and Aromas 

A clean carpet should also be a fresh smelling carpet. Noticing when that stops being the case can be hard though, because you simply become used to the smell in your home. Often it is not until a visitor arrives and you notice that they wrinkle up their nose a little upon entering the room (they will rarely comment on a smell though, people are, on the whole, too polite to do that) that a homeowner realizes that their carpet may not be that clean after all.

The Allergen Factor 

A clean carpet is also one that is as sanitary as possible. A carpet can often act as a sort of natural filter, pulling all kinds of allergens and germs from the air you breathe down into their fibers. From a fresh air point of view this is one of the benefits of having a carpet in the first place. However, all that nasty stuff has to go somewhere and that somewhere is usually deep in the carpet where you can't see it. Vacuuming will pull a lot of it back out but not all of it.

Timing Carpet Cleaning Right 

When you buy a new carpet you will probably be advised that it should be cleaned every 12 months or so, and I would recommend the carpet cleaning Barrington RI , and in many households that schedule is fine. However, if you have small children and/or pets - who usually spend lots of their time on the carpet - or you smoke you may want to consider doing it a little more frequently, especially if you want to make sure that you have a carpet that really is clean instead of one that just looks fairly clean.


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