The History of Carpet Cleaning Tiverton RI

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Carpet and carpet cleaning tiverton ri have come a long way in the past hundred years or so. In order to fully understand how far carpet cleaning has come, a person must realize just where the beginning of cleaning carpets came from. For many years, most people utilized rugs, often hand woven, that they would take outside and beat with a broom to remove dirt and dust that had collected inside the rug. This may have been time consuming, but it also meant that floors were not nearly as warm as they are today.

Enter The First Carpet Cleaning Tiverton RI Machine

When carpet was invented, it was easy to see that there needed to be someway to clean this. After all, people could not be expected to remove the carpet and take it outside to beat with a broom. The first mechanical vacuum cleaner was tested in Chicago during 1860. However, it was forty years later, in the 1900's that the first electric vacuum came to the market. This is the vacuum that we are all so familiar with today. This first electric vacuum was developed by Cecil Booth. Yet, the name that most people know when it comes to vacuum cleaners is Hoover.

The reason for this is that Hoover was created at about the same time. It received more attention and has since become a household name in most homes across America.

Where Carpet Cleaning Tiverton RI Fits In

After the invention of the first vacuum cleaner it opened up a new market. Now, people were wanting professional carpet cleaning services can do that they cannot. Those who could afford it were interested in having other people come into their home and deep clean their carpet. At first, this was a luxury that was only afforded to the very wealthy. But today, it seems that just about everyone gets some type of professional carpet cleaning done on their carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Tiverton RI Today

The invention of vacuum cleaners and new processes have revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry as most people know it. Today there are around seven different styles of vacuum cleaners including:

- Upright
- Canister
- Backpack style
- Handheld
- Wet/Dry
- Robotic
- Built In

With all the styles of vacuums, it is easy to see just how far the world of carpet cleaning has came. There has also been the addition of carpet cleaners that are on the same level of professional industrial cleaners, that are meant to shampoo the carpet for the person. Having these in a home is something that has revolutionized the carpet cleaning market. Professional carpet cleaning tiverton ri companies have also increased their knowledge of carpet, and have invented new and improved ways of cleaning carpet with the least amount of damage. From the early 1900's, the world of vacuums and carpet cleaners have come a long way, and the technology will only improve as time goes by. Twenty years from now, the advancements are going to be amazing.


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